Hypnobirthing Small Group Course for Couples £260

Our aim is for women and their partners to achieve a calm comfortable birth experience 

This essential preparation for birth course offers perfect blend of the physiological process of birthing and the relaxation techniques to assist the body in experiencing a more comfortable birth.

What are the benefits of this course?

This course assists in:

  • Helping you to relax and allow birth to happen.
  • Teaches you essential birth preparation that enables you to release any anxiety or fear around birth, and to approach it with confidence.
  • Gives you the support to feel mentally and emotionally stronger to believe in your body and what it is designed to do.
  • Enabling you to feel in control of your birth, whatever route it takes.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

“When the woman is relaxed, her brain wave pattern moves from beta – fully alert, through to alpha – restful, into theta – hypnosis. During theta, the mind is much more receptive to suggestion. So, even if the conscious brain believes that birth is painful, the subconscious brain can alter that thought pattern.”

Partners have also found it has been hugely helpful in educating them on how to help their loved one as they go through labour.

“It means they can be far more involved in the process. They learn about how to make the room a comfortable environment, about hormones and also massage techniques.

This course is suitable for women who may undergo induction of labour, or an assisted birth.

“We have found that even when a mum does not have a perfect birth, as things do not always go on plan, and they have ended up having to have a caesarean section, for example, they have used the techniques to remain calm and this has helped them be aware throughout and engaged with the arrival of their baby.”   Terri Gavin-Jones – creator of Hypnobirthing For Midwives

The Pros

– Reduces pain and length of labour.
– Reduces your need for medication and intervention.
– Increases your chances of a faster recovery.
– Makes babies calmer at birth.
– Can make breastfeeding easier.
– Fewer cases of post-natal depression.
– Babies are more alert and have a higher Apgar score.
– Highly beneficial for relaxing mums during caesarean sections.

The Cons

– Perception is that not everyone can do it.
– It takes months of practice, preparation and dedication.
– Birth is unpredictable and you may not get to use the technique unexpectedly. (Courtesy of Living and Loving)

Who is the course taught by?

This comprehensive hypnobirth course is taught by Nina Parnham, a midwife who is a hypnobirth practitioner. Nina’s skills as a clinician coupled with specialist training in antenatal education, active birth and hypnobirth provide the ultimate course.  The course is unique in offering:

Understanding the process of labour and working with the body
How to break the fear/tension/pain cycle
Top tips for birth partners
How to achieve an active birth
Practice positions, Rebozo and massage for labour
Breathing and visualisation techniques for labour
How the environment influences labour
Hormones and their effect on birth

What will I learn from the course?

Everything you need to know to achieve a more comfortable birth
To explore the relationship with pain and labour and learn to work with sensations
Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle
The role of hormones in labour and their impact on birth
How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm and serene, rather than tense and stressful
Breathing techniques
To use relaxation techniques that will be essential for any birth

Birth Partners will learn:

Massage/rebozo skills
How to create a relaxing birth room
Quick techniques to slow her breathing
Techniques to deepen relaxation
How to use visualization scripts

Your Commitment

Hypnobirth requires practice. Please be aware there will be techniques to learn and practice in between classes. The programme is 10 hours of face to face teaching plus practice sessions at home. These will include:

For the women:

Surge breathing practice
Writing affirmations
Listening to the hypnosis relaxation daily to maximize post hypnotic suggestions
Optimal baby positioning

For the birth partner

Learning the breathing techniques to assist in labour
Using deepening techniques that we will show you in class
Using relaxation anchors
Using relaxation scripts
Understanding the importance of the birth environment and creating a calm birth room
Light touch massage and positions for upright birth

What is included?

  • You will have four weekly sessions that are 2.5 hours long.
  • You get the Hypnobirthing relaxation scripts on a memory stick for you to download to any device
  • You will receive a comprehensive 160 page workbook for you to practice your techniques at home.
  • You will also receive an exclusive goodie bag as part of your course resources which includes:

Aromatherapy Hypnobirthing Candle
Positive birth statements Postcard
Mindful colouring picture
Affirmation bracelet

What are the Dates and Cost?

Course One:

Saturday 1st June 2019 11.30am until 2pm £260 per couple = £32.50 per person per session. We only take a maximum of four couples to allow a sense of community and for couples to build relationships that can last a lifetime! BOOK HERE

Refreshments are provided

Just need a refresher?

3 1/2 hour refresher sessions are available at £125 per couple, for those who have already completed the course during a previous pregnancy. Includes practical session on teaching your birth partner a full back massage, so you can use these techniques to relax you at home. Please enquire for a suitable date and time by emailing [email protected]

Want to have a private course for just you and your partner?

Private four week sessions cost £380 and can be tailored to your work patterns if needed. Please enquire for a suitable date and time by emailing [email protected]

Make giving birth your greatest achievement.