Scar Exercise, Movement, Massage and Mobilisation Workshop £28

Why should women perform

Scar Exercise, Mobilisation and Massage?

Scar tissue therapy is generally overlooked by health professionals as they fail to acknowledge the physiological extent these scars affect the body. Body workers understand that even the slightest restriction in the body’s connective tissue (fascia) that is weaved throughout our body, can have major repercussions from one end of the body to the other.

Scar tissue release therapy is extraordinarily simple to learn, easy to apply and yields powerful results that can prevent a lifetime of compensation, complications and pain. Thus, women need to understand the physical long term consequences of having a caesarean birth, and how to care for the scar and deeper layers beneath. It is so important to give your abdomen some real TLC. There are many issues that can be caused by the scar tissue under and around the incision area of your abdomen.

Some of the issues reported by women who have scarring to their abdominal area are

  • Pain on intercourse
  • Pain on ovulation
  • Pain on passing urine or opening bowels
  • Impaired bladder and bowel function and control
  • Poor postural alignment, reduced activation of the pelvic floor
  • Inability to repair abdominal diastasis (separation of the tummy muscles)
  • A weakened core system.

Scar massage is beneficial for all abdominal scars following operations such as hysterectomy, appendicectomy, laparotomy, laparoscopy, oophorectomy  and caesarean operations. Caesarean section births are occur for every 1 in 4 babies born in the UK. In addition, 1 in 5 women will have a hysterectomy by the age of 55. As these are common operations, they can often be overlooked as being a major form of abdominal surgery.

There are lots of techniques you can learn to get your scar looking good and for your body to feel like it is functioning better.

Exercise, mobilisation and massage of the scar are essential for freeing up deeper layers of stuck scar tissue and helping to improve posture, mobility, core stability, reduce pain, improve sex life plus many other benefits!

Where and When

The workshop runs three times per year at our Ransomes Location IP8 3FJ

Saturday 2nd February at 09:30am SOLD OUT

Sunday 12th May at 09:30am

Saturday 7th September 09:30am


The cost is £28 Sign up here

What to Wear

Loose comfortable clothing is preferable. If you wish, you can massage over clothing (a thin baggy T shirt works best), there is no expectation for you to reveal your belly if you don’t want to. We will be carrying out some gentle stretching exercises to help with scar release and improving blood flow to the area, so please wear clothing that allows movement.

What to Bring

Please bring a couple of pillows to support your head and neck so you can see your abdomen when massaging it, and a small towel to tuck into your clothing so you don’t get oil on them. Please can you also bring some oil for the massage.

Who can attend?

Anyone who has a scar on their abdomen will benefit from this course. If you are a recent or years after birth mother, or a woman who has experienced an abdominal hysterectomy, then this course is for you – or in fact anyone who has scarring on their abdomen. (Please note: mums should be at least 8 weeks postnatal with a healed scar to attend the workshop). There should be no open areas, scabs, oozing or bleeding from your wound. We allow for small numbers per workshop to give adequate focus to each individual. If you are bringing your baby, please ensure that he or she is safe in a bumbo, car seat or bouncer during the course.


The picture shows work I had done over 3 months to release stuck connective tissue above a scar and softening and releasing the scar beneath it. Top left picture is the first session, bottom right is the latest session. The appearance has improved but more importantly, Alicia does not experience pain anymore. Alicia’s testimonial:

“Having had three C-sections in 5 years, I had been left a pouch where my scar lay, and also a ‘ledge’ a few inches above my scar. It was noticeable through clothing and I was getting more and more self conscious of it. After a bit of googling I found that it was quite possible myofascial massage I needed to help break down scar tissue. I found that this was something Nina offered and having already met her, didn’t hesitate to book an appointment.
The first appointment was quite uncomfortable, but it made me realise there was a lot more going on in all the layers under my skin than I had thought. Nina identified areas of tissue adhesions and has been working on these over a number of sessions and gave me ways of massaging myself in between sessions.
Although it might not be hugely noticeable to some, I can feel a big difference and can now wear clothes I wouldn’t have previously, including a bikini!
I’ve also noticed that since having myofascial massage, when I’m ovulating on one particular side, I no longer experience the excruciating pain that I was previously, which is something I hadn’t even thought would be down to the scar tissue.
I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone that feels their scar doesn’t feel right, or suffers with pain in that area”. Alicia – mum of three who were all birthed by Caesarean Section.