The workshops have been designed for mamas who like to be in a group environment to learn about topics that are specific to them. Our workshops help to educate you on what has happened to your body due to birthing and how to recover it safely and purposely.

If you have any questions contact me, or use the feedback form available on each page.

Core and Pelvic Floor Health Workshop – £25

This workshop allows you to understand how training the core and pelvic floor is essential to making your everyday life duties as a mama easier. It sets you up for being able to train the whole body safely, allowing you to move onto exercises and activities that you enjoy. “This workshop provides the necessary education for postnatal mothers to help improve the health of their core and pelvic floor..” – Andrew Leather – Consultant Obstetrician.

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Scar Exercise, Movement, Massage and Mobilisation Workshop £28

Because scars can look nice and neat on the surface, we don’t consider the irregularly patched layers underneath that form scar tissue, strengthening the vulnerable area, but also exerting a three-dimensional pull inside your body. This workshop teaches you how to care for your scar, helping to release both physical and emotional issues.

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Fertility Coaching – The Freedom Fertility Formula®

Freedom Fertility Coach is like having a friend who ‘gets it’. They know how to listen to make sure you feel heard, they know how to guide you without telling you what to do, and they know how to ask you all of the right questions to help you uncover the answers that are already […]

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Happy Body Healthy Mind – Rebalance Refresh and Reboot- Mini Retreat £25

Healthy Body Happy Mind – Rebalance, Refresh and Reboot Retreat. This 2 hour mini retreat has been designed to help you feel rejuvenated from the inside out.
Come and join me for a wonderful two hour Release and Relaxation session where you will leave feeling calm and relaxed.

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Hypnobirthing Small Group Course for Couples £260

Our aim is for women and their partners to achieve a calm comfortable birth experience  This essential preparation for birth course offers perfect blend of the physiological process of birthing and the relaxation techniques to assist the body in experiencing a more comfortable birth. What are the benefits of this course? This course assists in: […]

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The Fourth Trimester Of Pregnancy -The first 90 days – Essential Recovery Programme After Childbirth £38

The fourth trimester is a time for women to heal and for a newly expanded family to get to know one another. It shouldn’t be about schedules or expectations. Instead it should be greeted with patience and wonder and support for the new mother.

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