The workshops have been designed for mamas who like to be in a group environment to learn about topics that are specific to them. Our workshops help to educate you on what has happened to your body due to birthing and how to recover it safely and purposely.

If you have any questions contact me, or use the feedback form available on each page.

Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop – Part One

This workshop allows you to understand how training the core and pelvic floor is essential to making your everyday life duties as a mama easier. It sets you up for being able to train the whole body safely, allowing you to move onto exercises and activities that you enjoy. “…an amazing course detailing vital recovery for every postnatal mother..” – Jo Cresdee – Suffolk Babies Director.

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Core Workshop – Part Two – Mama Almighty

You are unique from any other person who needs to build their core. You grew a baby in your belly and birthed that baby either from your vagina or tummy. That amazing feat means that there are many factors to consider in safely apply functional specific movements to restore and strengthen your main stability and transferring system – the core. This workshop teaches you how to really fire up your core muscles to get the results you want.

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Caesarean Scar Massage and Mobilisation Workshop

Because scars can look nice and neat on the surface, we don’t consider the irregularly patched layers underneath that form scar tissue, strengthening the vulnerable area, but also exerting a three-dimensional pull inside your body. This scar tissue becomes an internal adhesion that can bind together formerly separate structures in your body and can reach far away from the site of the scar.
After surgery, scar releases through massage and mobilisation techniques can continue to restore the incision area and the layers beneath for optimum recovery and function. This workshop teaches you how to care for your scar, helping to release both physical and emotional issues.

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The Fourth Trimester Of Pregnancy – The Mother, Self care and Healing

A new concept for woman’s wellness during childbearing. Refocusing the attention and interests towards the mother, the person who needs the right rehabilitation environment, nourishment and recovery protocols to ensure the best outcomes for health and wellness during the postpartum period and beyond. This workshop explores the requirements of the newly postnatal mother, and serves […]

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