Sports Massage – Soft Tissue Therapy £50

Sports Massage promotes Freedom in Movement

Most of us can feel aches, pains and twinges during our daily lives, which restrict our movement. Massage therapy can help to relieve these discomforts and allow greater freedom of movement. Soft tissue therapy is a combination of sport and remedial massage techniques. It is recommended not only to treat injuries but also to maintain healthy muscles, whether you are an athlete, office worker, weekend jogger, suffer from a condition which restricts your movement or just feel in need of some relaxation.

I combine Sports massage with remedial soft tissue therapy. I use a range of techniques to manipulate muscles and ease movement in joints to reduce discomfort and restore freedom of movement. I realise that treatments such as this are key to a holistic approach when working with women to restore movement and balance.

Examples of conditions which can be addressed with soft tissue work:

Headaches, stress and relief of tension
Neck pain
Reduced shoulder movement
Back pain
Knee pain/stiffness
Calf pain
Poor posture
Foot discomfort

How can a Massage Benefit Me?

Massage helps to:
Stimulate blood flow to damaged muscles and tissues
Frees up dense tissues that have become stuck through repetitious movement patterns, so lactic acid can leave & oxygen and nutrients can enter
Break down scar tissue: this can be useful after an injury, an operation or trauma
Stretch the tissues to allow them to feel looser and more mobile
Reduce tension, stress, anxiety, pain
Release endorphins to leave you feeling relaxed and promote better sleep


At the beginning of the treatment, there will be a Postural Assessment to check range of movement, mobility, and background medical information. This helps determine the best treatment for you. The treatment will be bespoke to your needs and I will communicate with you during your treatment, to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the techniques I am using. I will finish the treatment with a reassessment of your movement to see how the massage has benefitted you.



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Follow-Up Treatments will be determined by your individual situation, and how often you wish to attend. This can be discussed at the Initial Assessment.


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Please note: women only, unless the male is known by an existing client.


“Nina is very thorough in her massage, she takes time to listen to you and understand your needs. She doesn’t just focus on the area that you feel needs attention but looks at the bigger picture. Nina has really helped to keep me moving pain free in the past few months.” Charlotte

“I highly recommend Nina’s massage skills. She delivers amazing massages that are tailored entirely to your needs and get results.” Kerry

“Love Nina’s massages! I always leave them feeling relaxed and fixed – highly recommend!” Sarah