Caesarean/Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Massage and Mobilisation £75

Because scars can look nice and neat on the surface, we don’t consider the irregularly patched layers underneath that form scar tissue, strengthening the vulnerable area, but also exerting a three-dimensional pull inside your body. This scar tissue becomes an internal adhesion that can bind together formerly separate structures in your body and can reach far away from the site of the scar.
After surgery, scar releases through massage and mobilisation techniques can continue to restore the incision area and the layers beneath for optimum recovery and function.

All scars need this type of treatment to reduce the risk of adhesions building up and causing long term concerns. This treatment is recommended from as early as 10 weeks post caesarean, as long as the area is healed and there are no scabs, open areas, or signs of infection.

This 90 minute treatment includes:

  • Assessment of your breathing strategy and diaphragm function, as the way you breathe can help or hinder your recovery
  • Abdominal massage to promote blood flow
  • Myofascial release to work on the chain reaction that adhesions have on the whole body
  • Massage with a special tool to help release the connective tissue in the layers underneath the skin
  • Manual scar massage and mobilisation

Further sessions will address other areas in your body that have compensated for having a caesarean, such as your lower back, legs, neck and shoulders and even your feet! An operation of this nature really need to be looked at from a global perspective when treating you, as the issues don’t just lie around the scar area.

If you have areas on your scar that are thickened, look darker, or are pitting (pulling down from the scar into your tummy, sometimes giving ladies an appearance of an overhang), than this is the ideal treatment for you. If you are experiencing nagging pain or discomfort, that you hadn’t before you had your operation, then this treatment is also great to have.

This treatment is recommended every 2-3 weeks for three sessions, to gain the best results. Additional sessions may be required, depending on the nature of your scar, and the adhesions formed.

I also offer a scar workshop, so that you can learn the techniques for yourself. see the link here 


“I feel taller, lighter and lost the tightness I felt whenever I stood up. I don’t feel the twinges in my scar area that I used to, and my neck pain has gone too! A wonderful treatment that every mama who has birthed this way should invest in”. Stacey

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