Mama Tone Group Exercise Class

What is Mama Tone?

Our Mama Tone classes are specially developed sessions that are aimed at both pregnant and postnatal women.

These are an excellent follow-on class from the consultation and assessment with Nina or the  ‘Get my Body Back’ postnatal course.

They are also an excellent way for any pregnant or postnatal mama to begin or continue her fitness journey safely.

I teach exercises that are designed to strengthen and improve posture and work on keeping the body supple and helping to keep aches and pains at bay.

Mama Tone is for women who enjoy getting fit, meeting other mummies and making friends.

Our classes are varied and we use different equipment to help us keep the workouts interesting and effective for you.

These workouts are safe for your present condition, but we understand that each individual will be different in terms of fitness and ability. I give options to help you achieve the best workout for you.

I don’t want you to feel that you ever have to keep up or compete with the woman next to you. I want you to recognise your own potential and enjoy exercise that works for you.

Why does this class differ from other exercise classes?

I care about you and your health. I know that women can have complications with their pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and core both during and after childbirth. Women can feel weak, hopeless and unattractive and have lost all connection with their body.

I know that your 6 week postnatal check with your GP doesn’t always mean that you are ‘good to go’ in terms of exercise. Many GP’s give little or no guidance on how to  maintain or recover your body safely, including the muscles that aren’t holding your internal organs in like they did before you had babies.

I understand you. I know that most women are looking for guidance and support that really works. I want to help you maintain your fitness and recover properly.  If something doesn’t feel right down below (pelvic organ prolapse) and abdominal separation, (diastasis) please talk to me. I want to assist women to get their bodies feeling and functioning well again.

I have the skills, knowledge and credibility to deliver services to women that actually work to maintain fitness, help to heal and restore and empower you during this transforming time in your life. I don’t prescribing high impact exercise, planks, crunches and sit ups to help strengthen a very weak core, as this this is entirely the opposite of what you need right now.

You need educating and guiding through this postpartum recovery process properly so you see real results and begin to feel great again. There’s so much to learn about what you can do to build strength and functionality in your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy and after having children. I can help you get it right first time round and save you years of low self-esteem and putting up with a body that doesn’t work properly.


What do I need to bring with me?

  • Water and perhaps a small towel. All equipment for the classes will be provided.

What do I need to wear?

  • Wear either gym clothing or stretchy clothing such as leggings and a T shirt.
  • We will be exercising without footwear so no trainers are necessary.

Can babies come to class?

  • Currently we are running evening Mama Tone Classes for mums only, so please leave your little ones at home, to allow some mummy ‘me time’.