Core Focus Class £69 – 8 classes

What is Core Focus Class?

Core focus exercises are aimed at strengthening your core abdominals and pelvic floor but also improving general trunk strength, upper limb and lower limb strength.
You will notice an improvement in the ‘connection’ to your core, and feel stronger, have more stability and have the ability to manage daily tasks with more ease.
Come and join a small friendly class where you will be closely monitored by a women’s fitness professional, and meet other fitness minded women.
The class involves exercises using the swiss ball, plus other stability equipment such as bosu balls and wobble boards throughout for total body muscle sculpting.
This class continuously challenges participants with exercises that use either body weight only or dumbbells.
There are numerous benefits to adding the ball to your muscle-sculpting class.
The ball lets you offer endless choreography options in addition to built-in balance and stability tests.
Also, by making slight changes in body positioning on the ball, you challenge muscles at different points in the range of motion.
This is a fun, low impact conditioning class, mixing sequences of low impact cardio with slow controlled exercises, focusing on strength and stamina reshaping the body and burning calories.

What do I need to bring with me?

Water and perhaps a small towel. All equipment for the classes will be provided.

What do I need to wear?

Wear either gym clothing or stretchy clothing such as leggings and a T shirt.
We will be exercising without footwear so no trainers are necessary. You can wear trainer socks.

When is the class and how can I book?

The Class is every Thursday at 8.30pm

Single sessions BOOK HERE (single sessions may not always be available due to the popularity of the class)
Block Bookings BOOK HERE