Get My Body Back After Baby – Fitness Course

Get My Body Back After Baby


Want to feel in control of your body?

Want to feel that you connect with and know how to properly engage your core, pelvic floor and the muscles that support these areas?

Want to be happier, healthier, stronger and fitter and feel more positive about yourself?

Do you want the best support and advice from the most up-to-date and credible sources from the fitness and women’s health industries?

If your answer is yes, then this course is for you.

This 12 week course, focuses on your health and well being after baby. You get face to face support, plus membership to our online area, plus social media support in our private groups. Our courses are designed to be small in numbers to create intimacy, trust and a sense of community. This also allows individual focus on each participant.

Foundation Phase One – Core Corrective – 6 weeks

The Foundation element of the course for postnatal mothers transforms the way women return back to health and wellbeing after the birth of their babies. Whether your children are months or years old, this course is the best place for you to start your journey to a mum who feels in control of her life.

The course is designed to help you understand what exercises work and what exercises hinder your progress and that you should eliminate from your workouts. Using corrective exercises will train the muscle groups in a way that safely and effectively improves your flexibility, alignment, strength, stamina, fitness and stability and will aid in fat loss and a reduction in your mummy tummy, to progress to a body that you are proud of. We look at how nutrition, mind-set, hormone balance, sleep and ‘me’ time all influence a mothers recovery in the postnatal period.

Phase One is a gentle return to fitness, so this is a great start for you, even if your baby is very young, you will achieve so much to improve your health and welbeing.

Progressive Phase Two – Full Integration and Boosted Movements – 6 weeks

The Progressive 6 week element is for women, who have completed the functional fitness foundation course. They are ready to move onto more dynamic movements and releases to continue their journey to becoming a strong capable and gorgeous mama! This part of the course is tailored to your needs, you can be as dynamic or as paced as you need to be, no competition, no expectations, no pressure, do what you need to do for YOUR body and it’s recovery.

What do I get with each course?

You will have a 60 minute class every week where you will go through the exercises with instruction. We will also go over some of the content you will learn from the online resources.

When you register for a place on the courses you will receive membership to a secure area of the Mama Wellness website where you will have access to a whole host of resources to assist you in your rehabilitation.

Resources include:

  • Videos on alignment and postural corrections, how to recognise, check and treat diastasis and Meditation
  • The Mama Wellness Directives demonstrating the main principles essential to your rehabilitation
  • A Programme Journal to help you record your weekly progress
  • PDFs of each 6 week exercise course taught in class
  • Weekly online Quiz in the Foundation course to help with learning of all principles responsible for your recovery
  • Videos of each of the 6 week fitness programmes
  • A nutrition PDF covering the principles of eating well after your baby is born
  • A week nutrition plan of your daily mealtimes to get you started (meat eaters and vegetarian options)

In addition you will receive access to the private Mama Wellness support group on Facebook and Whatsapp


What do I need to bring with me and what do I need to wear?

  • Water and perhaps a small towel. All equipment for the classes will be provided.
  • Wear either gym clothing or stretchy clothing such as leggings and a T shirt.
  • We will be exercising without footwear so no trainers are necessary.

Can I bring my baby?

The evening course is just for mums only.

The daytime course is for Mums who want to bring Babies.

When and where do the courses run?

These courses are offered at Suffolk Babies – Kesgrave on Tuesday evening and Mama Wellness Centre on a Thursday morning.

Kesgrave Suffolk Babies Centre Dates (mama Only)

Tuesday 9th January at 18.00pm (thereafter at 18.30pm) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Tuesday 3rd April at 18.00pm (thereafter at 18.30pm) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Tuesday 26th June at 18.00pm (thereafter at 18.30pm) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Tuesday 18th September 18.00pm (thereafter at 18.30pm) for a total of 12 weeks (1 week break on the 20th November, so course will finish on Tuesday 11th December) book here

Washbrook Mama Wellness Centre Dates (baby can come too!)

Thursday 11th January at 09.30am (thereafter at 10am) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Thursday 5th April at 09.30am (thereafter at 10am) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Thursday 28th June at 09.30am (thereafter at 10am) for a total of 12 consecutive weeks book here

Thursday 20th September at 09.30am (thereafter at 10am) for a total of 12 weeks (1 week break on the 22nd November, so course will finish on Thursday 13th December) book here

Price – £180 SIGN UP NOW

You can split the cost into 3 affordable payments of £60.00

Eligibility for the Courses?

  • The Foundation course is open to women who are a minimum of 6 weeks postnatal after a vaginal birth without complications and 10 weeks after a caesarean birth.
  • You must have had your 6 week postnatal check-up before you start the course. This course is also suitable if you are years postnatal, it is never too late to rehabilitate yourself properly.
  • The Progressive course is only available to participants who have completed either the 6 week foundation course or a one-to-one consultation or holistic package with Nina Parnham.
  • The bookings are made on a first come first served basis. If the course is full we will advise the dates of the next course to be held and place you as a priority for the next course.


“Fantastic service led by Nina. I’ve attended the 12 week course, a massage and a yoga class all of which has made a massive difference to my recovery. Nina has so much knowledge when it comes to the journey of pregnancy and recovery. The 12 week course is just what I needed, a space in which I can work on my body with the support of Nina and more importantly a group of women who did not judge if I couldn’t complete an exercise or hadn’t had time to brush my hair that day!! The course and mixing with other mums has given me confidence and confirmed to me that a ‘snap back body’ isn’t for everyone, sometimes you need to focus on correcting and releasing your body as well as taking time for myself. I am now grateful to my body for giving me my beautiful baby girl so thank you Nina, you don’t know the difference you have made”.