Yoga Flow – Stretch and Relaxation Class £69 – 8 Classes

Protected time to discover who you are, what you want and experience the opportunity to just be

60 minutes to quieten the chatter of your mind, and move your attention to your body, and what it wants to tell you.

Does your body resist or flow with the sequence?
How is your breathing? Is it shallow or deep?
Are you belly, chest or ribcage breathing?
Are you a breath holder?
Are you finding it difficult to switch off?
Are you struggling to concentrate?
Are you have trouble falling or staying asleep?

The class format is mat based gentle stretching and yoga type sequences with a guided meditation time.

All equipment is provided. Participants are recommended to be either bare foot or in socks and wear loose comfortable clothing that they can move in, and a jumper or blanket for the relaxation and meditation part of the session.

This class will give you this rare opportunity as a woman to relax, and enjoy focusing on yourself, bringing you to a grounded state.

“Someone who is grounded, means that they are well balanced and sensible, and that they understand the importance of ordinary things in life” Oxford English Dictionary.

I want you to relax, and allow yourself to be guided to more loving choices. Learn to cherish and accept your body, to deepen your intuition about your body’s needs, and to shift to more positive thoughts in all areas of your life.

This class should leave you feeling more at peace and in love with who you are.

No judgements, no expectations, no criticism, just come and find your own flow.

“This class gave me the headspace to help me make some decisions about my life, including going back to work, that before were just whirring around in my head, causing much anxiety and sleepless nights. A must for any woman!”

NB. This class is not suitable for pregnant women. Please see the Fit for Birth Course.

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