Why All Postnatal Mothers are Unique in terms of Exercise Prescription

Postnatal Mamas’ Bodies are totally different from those who are just ‘unfit’.  If mothers invest time in themselves to restore their body safely they reap the rewards, not only during their childbearing years, but in their golden years.

Conventional exercise that is designed for the general population will never assist in postnatal rehabilitation, as it does not address the essentials of a women who has birthed.

Your body’s physiology changed dramatically during childbearing. Your blood volume and it’s chemistry changed and your hormones levels were altered considerably. Your anatomy changed shape, your centre of gravity altered, around 13kgs of weight bore down on your pelvic floor in your third trimester and your core was loaded to its maximum.

Your core is completely and literally at the centre of everything you do. This was also affected during childbearing, and needs focus and special attention to get it functioning normally again, allowing you to progress in your fitness and wellbeing.

Even if you were fit before and during your pregnancy, the muscles in your abdominal area have been stretched, your pelvic floor has had weight pushing down on it for many months, and the tissues in your vagina and pelvic floor will be stretched, even if you birthed by caesarean.

Now that your baby isn’t providing stability in your mid region, you need to work at those muscles, ligaments and connective tissue, to get them back to being strong and functional once more.

The first sign of complete lack of core strength comes when your back starts to ache after holding your baby for just a few minutes, or your pelvic floor feels heavy, or that your tummy feels ‘poochy’ and unable to hold you upright.

Because your abdominal muscles are giving you no support, your back is working overtime trying to keep your torso upright. And, for some mamas, you’ve got that extra weight from your boobs pulling you forward.

You should not rely on your regular exercise regimes or general classes to get your body back to normal function. Also be mindful about classes for men and women. Clearly, men have completely different physiological and anatomical makeups to women, and so don’t have the considerations that mothers do in how they develop their fitness.

Furthermore, not all Personal Trainers are created equal. Many rely on outdated knowledge about the postnatal form, or do not have the experience to support and recover bodies that have birthed. Trust in a fitness professional who has the knowledge to impart a whole body approach about postnatal rehabilitation and experience to assist in your recovery. This truly is a specialist subject, and you should not be guided without expertise.

You are so important. You are amazing. I am here to help you on your journey to feeling fitter and functional. Giving yourself time for you, during this life changing phase in your life, helps to set you up for the motherhood challenges you face.

If you have never addressed your core, or don’t know where to start, my Diastasis, Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop is one for you. This workshop is suitable for mamas who have birthed naturally, or with assistance such as forceps, ventouse or caesarean birth. You can be several weeks postnatal or even months or years. You can have birthed one baby, five babies, twins or triplets! I keep the numbers small, so you feel confident to ask questions and gain a sense of community within our session with the other mothers.

You can find more information about my workshop HERE