Stuck in a fashion rut? It’s not forever mamas!

I had a rare child free morning off yesterday, and I was looking forward to browsing the shops, without frequent trips to the toilet, being asked every 10 minutes for a snack, and carrying just my little shoulder bag instead of a buggy armed with kiddie paraphernalia. Heck, I may even just have the focus to buy something new to wear!
As I strolled around ladieswear, I felt a little out of my depth. What has happened to the fashion? What are these jeans with so many rips you may as well not wear them? I realised it had been almost 2 years since my last proper clothing shop. I have purchased the odd vest top from the ever reliable Premarche, but have overlooked current trends, and am suddenly faced with prints, shapes and styles, that I cannot imagine wearing.
As I came across the shoe section of the shop, I found my dream pair of shoes – or would have been 4 years ago pre motherhood. I always had a fetish for shoes. My moto was, ‘you can never have a bad foot day’. Shoes could always look good on and made me feel different, taller, confident, sexy, more interesting.
Oh how times have changed. All my heels are collecting dust, I haven’t bought a pair of strappy sandals in half a decade, and survive in trainers and flip flops!
Looking at the shoes that I would have bought ‘back in the day’, I felt both a sense of loss and of renewal. I am a different person to who I was then, I think differently, live my live differently, now I am a mother.
I yearn for those shoes, but I don’t go to the places now where I would have worn them, and, I suppose that’s ok – for now.
I don’t want to follow the current fashion trends, as I know what my post baby body feels most comfortable in, so I chose what feels right for me.
All that build up to having some ‘me’ time to go shopping, and I didn’t enjoy it half as much as I thought I would. So I embrace the changes that motherhood has brought me, but I know that I am not finished, this is not the end of Nina, as I once knew her. I will be back wearing those heels one day, when the time suits, and when I have mastered how to balance in them once more!