New Year 7 Day Detox Plan

I have created a New Year 7 day detox plan for you to follow to help you kick start your new year the right way. All methods can be employed whether pregnant or postnatal. Please remember that this can be adjusted according to your health needs. Listen to your body and make changes as necessary. If you have any health condition or are taking medication please check with your health provider that this plan is suitable for you.

Every Day for 7 days practice the following daily routine:

Dry Skin brush

Before your shower/bath dry brush your skin to boost circulation and improve skin appearance.

Practice Gratitude Thinking

Whilst having a shower/bath/wash and identify 5 things (it doesn’t matter how big or small) you feel gratitude for as this practice elevates mood and improves positivity!

Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

After drying yourself carry out 3 different stretches whilst practicing some deep diaphragmatic breathing (1 for chest and arms, for back and 1 for legs) this should take 2-3 minutes maximum.

Warm water, Lemon and Collagen

A cup of tea with lemon

Ideally half an hour before eating, drink a warm water with juice of half a lemon and a spoonful of collagen, to cleanse the liver and support growth and renewal at cellular level.

Eat a High Protein Breakfast

Within 2 hours of waking to help boost metabolism and sustain appetite to prevent poor choice snacking (breakfast ideas fish, eggs, green smoothie with avocado, pineapple, spinach and nuts, buckwheat pancakes and fruit, Greek yogurt with homemade granola, maca powder, fruit and seeds, porridge with nuts and coconut milk).

Take a Probiotic

Take either a probiotic supplement (Bio Kult), water kefir or kombucha to assist in gut health and sustain good immunity.

Have High Fat Snacks


Snack on high fat, small portions of foods (such as coconut oil and nut nutriballs, activated nuts and seeds, avocado dip and red pepper), to help improve brain function and prevent afternoon energy slumps.

Drink Water

Ensure that you drink up to 500mls water every hour up until lunchtime to flush out toxins and help the body function optimally at a cellular level.

Have a Nutrient Dense High Fat Lunch

With a big variety of nutrients (5 different veg/salad types with quinoa, homemade grain free bread or buckwheat and clean protein). Paleo style eating is easy to follow to achieve the right mix of nutrients. Check out my Pinterest for food ideas.

Get Outside

For a 10-20 minute walk paying attention to alignment whilst helping to ‘blow away the cobwebs’

60 second Exercises


Carry out a brief sequence of 3-4 exercises to strengthen your body and promote optimal alignment. Carry out each movement for 60 seconds. (For example, squat and feel the glute muscles working. Practice resistance band pulldowns to engage the deep core muscles. Use a band around a door handle and pull back the shoulder blades and strengthen the upper back. Use the band under the feet with deadlifts to strengthen the posterior core, glutes and hamstrings). Have a look at my YouTube videos to see how to perform these moves.

Sit down!

Have some time out from your busy day to clear your head and just plug in for a 5-15 minute recharge.

Drink Fluids Hourly

Ensure you are drinking up to 500mls of water,  herbal tea or coconut water hourly throughout the afternoon.

Have a High Fat and Protein Dinner

Serve it with lots of antioxidant vegetables to keep your body sustained overnight. Always give your body time to digest your food before you do anything very energetic to allow nutrients to be digested and absorbed properly.

Have a Night time Herbal Tea

Untitled drawing10

Herbal teas such as yogi bedtime tea or celestial sleepy time (any tea that contains the herbs and flowers camomile, valerian root, lavender, lemon balm and peppermint), help shift down a few mental gears and calm the nervous system.

Perform Laying Down Exercises

Carry out a couple of laying down releases such as piriformis (butt) and inner thigh and aim to foam roll 1 body part fully such as the upper back. Use a spiky ball under your feet to help the digestive system and bring balance to the body’s systems.

Have a Himalayan Salt Bath

Himalayan Salt In Jar. Towels. Spa Set.

Before bed to re-mineralise the body and promote good quality sleep.

Get to Bed Earlier

Aim for an early night (1-2 hours earlier than your usual bedtime) every night this week to help with hormone balance and cellular renewal.

Practice Mindfullness Body Scan Meditation

Upload a mindfulness body scan meditation on your personal device to listen to in bed to reduce stress hormones.

After this week of adopting some very nurturing and nourishing self-care techniques you should feel energised, focused and in control. You can then choose how you will implement these practices into your daily routine for the rest of the year, so that you keep your immunity elevated and your health under control. Have a very happy, healthy New Year.

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