Have Yourself A Very Paleo Christmas

Well it’s been quite a year for Mama Wellness!

After founding the company in March of this year I had the intention of taking my time in developing my services. Little did I know how much of a demand was out there for women who wanted a service they could rely on for their needs during their childbearing years.

From pregnancy to postnatal massages, private consultations to personal training sessions, I have been busy working with almost 100 women this year, with the aim to enhance their experiences and getting the message out there that mums are important, their needs must be focused on, and that part of loving your child is having time for yourself.

I have gained a lot from the women I have served both personally and professionally. My attitude towards food and what I have been eating in the last 12 months has vastly improved. I feel that I am now in a place where my eating habits are optimal and I shall be following this way for life.

Due to a nasty skin condition I suffered after my second child was born, I had to focus on what I was putting into my body and work from the inside out. I also felt continuously tired and lacking in energy, which is always a given with a young family, but it was affecting my life to the point that I didn’t have the oomph to stay up past 9pm or really the drive to do anything more than was essential.

I didn’t like how I looked or felt at that time. I always knew I needed to address my sugar addiction due to the family ‘link’ to diabetes. I felt it was down to my generation to stop this disease, caused by diet, before it took over my life and possibly my children’s.

I had ongoing issues with my gut health, and wanted to resolve this imbalance along with the poor concentration, fatigue and skin issues.

I have never been into faddy diets, and noticed that most of the eating programmes followed in the UK are not successful long-term. They also focused mainly on weight loss and I wanted something that was sustainable, enjoyable and above all focused on my health and total wellbeing.

I began to research the type of eating that would help me and came across the paleo mind-set. Paleo is also known as the caveman woman diet and focuses on the principle of our ancestors foraging for food in the wild and eating a high fat and protein diet of meats, fish, nuts and seeds, leafy greens, vegetables and fruit. Basically if the cave lady didn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t be eating it!

I have modified the paleo way a little as I found it hard to stay consistent, and there is controversy out there about some food types being strictly paleo, so I thought I’d set the record straight for myself and keep to what I felt was my paleo way.

I have eliminated pretty much all grains, and only consume quinoa and buckwheat occasionally. I rarely eat white potatoes and apart from a little quality dark chocolate I have cut out refined sugar altogether.

I am pretty amazed at myself for keeping this regime and I am actually enjoying it. Mostly I am stoked that I feel good, my skin has improved, I’ve lost body fat BY EATING HIGH FAT, I am focused, driven, less hormonal, and feel like I can take on the demands of being a working mum better than before.

I also feel virtuous that I am eating in a way that is reducing both mine and my families risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer and dementia, and it makes me feel sooooo good that I took responsibility for not only my eating, but the habits of my children. Shockingly it has been predicted that our children will have a shorter life span than we will if they continue to eat the ‘convenient’ way of food that is fast, nutritionally devoid and toxic to our biological system.

I am going for a paleo Christmas this year and have shared some awesome recipes. I wanted to share some with you, so you can begin to make some small changes and notice that paleo is tasty, enjoyable, and for the long term.

As we move out of 2016, it is a time for reflection about our achievements, and thoughts for our future. It’s never too late to feel, be and look the way you want to and to be truly proud of who you are. Mama you are amazing, now is the time to make time for you.

In health and wellness.

Nina x