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Mama Wellness Studio is now open! Gamma 9 Masterlord Village, West Road, Ransomes Europark IP3 9FJ Open for all services on Tuesdays, Fridays and Alternate Saturdays, See bookings page for more details.

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Therapies for The Pregnant and Postnatal Mama

Whether you like your feet being rubbed, your scalp being massaged and hair stroked, the tension released from the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders, or want to drift away with the scent of pure Aromatherapy oils, Mama Wellness offers a therapy for you.

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Get My Body Back After Baby 12 Week Course

Most women need help to strengthen the weakness in their tummy and pelvic floor after having a baby. To avoid any long term problems, start an optimal recovery programme to correct the issues caused from childbirth. Mama Wellness has designed the perfect solution to help your postnatal restoration.

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Mama Wellness offers workshops to enable women to learn more about their bodies and how to help recover them after childbirth.

Our popular Core and Pelvic Floor Workshops gives you the tools to understand how you can best move throughout your day being mindful of how you use and protect your core.

Our Caesarean Scar Workshop gives women the techniques they need to enable healing of their wound, reducing long term issues to their body.

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Mummy MOT

What is a Mummy MOT?

It is an examination that systematically and thoroughly examines the post natal posture, alignment, breathing, tummy gap closure and pelvic floor function. It is an all round thorough assessment from which you will receive a report on the recovery of your post natal body and what to do next. What exercise to do and how to do it safely. How to return to your usual level of activity without danger of causing problems later on

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