Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop – Part One


Recovering your Body’s Foundation

The most important part of your recovery at any stage after your birthing is identifying, connecting to and training your core and pelvic floor. Without function and strength in this area, you can’t go on to resume normal activity, as you put yourself at risk of further damage and weakness to your whole body.

This workshop allows you to understand how training the core and pelvic floor is essential to making your everyday life duties as a mama easier. It sets you up for being able to train the whole body safely, allowing you to move onto exercises and activities that you enjoy.

If you are planning more babies, you will be in a better position to carry your pregnancy without pain or injury. A strong core is vital for helping you push your baby out and recovering more quickly afterwards.

If you are weeks, months or even years postnatal, this workshop has been designed with you in mind. Issues you may be facing now, often have developed from not understanding or properly working on your core and pelvic floor strength.

We go through a theoretical approach to understanding why you must be considerate and methodical with restoring your core and pelvic floor safely. You will go away with some foundation exercises to be doing regularly to assist in your first stage of recovery. In Part Two – the practical core workshop – we will be taking your core activity further with some movements that really challenge and engage your core.

Where and When

The workshop runs every three months at both the Suffolk Babies Centre, Kesgrave and the Mama Wellness Centre, Washbrook.


The cost is £38 Sign up here

If you book both Part one and Two together you will save £16 – Sign up for both here

What to Wear

Loose comfortable clothing is preferable. There is no expectation for you to reveal your belly if you don’t want to.

What to Bring

All equipment is provided. Please just bring some water to drink.

Who can attend?

You should be at least 6 weeks postnatal (8-10 weeks post caesarean birth) with no infection or bleeding, to attend the workshop.  You will benefit at any stage after birth, every if you are years postnatal. We allow for small numbers per workshop to give adequate focus to each individual.