Private 1:1 Fitness Course

Get My Body Back after Baby – A Private Course that fits in with you

Specialist Trainer and Midwife Nina Parnham

Nina uses a holistic approach to postnatal recovery to encourage sustainable results; giving you the support, bodywork, education, advice and exercise prescription to manage your rehabilitation and choose positive nutrition and lifestyle choices.

These tools give you the ability to be a strong and active mum without pain, discomfort or lack of mobility, and assist in improving way you look and feel.

This course is ideal if you need to take the sessions at different times and days, and if you need to bring baby with you. This course can be delivered at your home address if you have no childcare and older siblings. Additional travel costs may apply. Please enquire before purchase.

Duration – 6 weeks – to be taken over an 8 week period

Price – £325  SIGN UP NOW

You can split the cost into 4 affordable payments of £82.00

You will receive:

  • 6 face to face sessions (the first session is usually 2 hours long – subsequent sessions are approximately 60 minutes duration) that can be taken over a 6-8 week period where we discuss your ongoing requirements and provide personal training.
  • The Mama Wellness Recipe e-book
  • A full assessment of your current diet, exercise abilities and measurements with before/after photos.
  • Assessment of your abdominals for signs of separation and measure the diastasis and strength of the connective tissue between the muscles.  This will be checked on commencement and at the end of the 6 weeks. We can also discuss other issues that may be affecting you such as incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse to see how symptoms of these can alter during your rehabilitation.
  • A personalised exercise and stretch programme to follow at home, with access to videos of all exercises.
  • All the equipment you need to carry out your exercises at home, so you can start immediately.
  • Mindful meditation downloads to help manage stress and promote relaxation and recovery, which can have a vast impact on weight loss.
  • Affirmations to get your mind engaged in the process of change and loving yourself to great health.
  • Ongoing support between sessions so you can ask questions about any aspect of your wellness pregnancy journey to ensure that you are successful.
  • A 3 day diary of your typical intake of food and drink and digestive habits is assessed to offer you advice and support and take away reading on how you can optimise health through diet (An optional customised meal plan can be created (extra cost applies))
  • I will carry out a sequence of exercises to fully engage your pelvic floor muscles and assess how they function with exercise.
  • Your body posture and alignment are assessed. Prescriptive exercises will help to correct any displacement and ensure that during all future workouts that you are practicing correct techniques to further improve your posture
  • Body measurements and body fat analysis are calculated before and at the end of the programme with photographs for you to see the changes.
  • Some remedial massage work may be needed to help release tight areas. This can be offered as part of a session or given as a replacement to a training session if required.


Following submission of your pre-screen, we determine what offering will serve you best, by using our ‘traffic light’ coded system. This ensures that you receive the best instruction for your current health status, and how to improve it.