Mama Postnatal Clinic

♡Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises properly?
♡Are you wetting yourself when you sneeze, cough or laugh?
♡Do you see your tummy doming or pooching when you get up or lift up something heavy?
♡ Have you got a heavy feeling in your vagina?
♡Are you breathing properly to help get your core stronger?
♡ Worried what exercise you can do?
♡ Worried what you are already doing is making things worse?

If you are answering yes or are unsure, then you need to see mama wellness.


Nina, specialist postnatal rehabilitation advisor and trainer will advised on your current level of health fitness and make recommendations based on our traffic light screening system.

☆Green – no ongoing issues just some tips to maintain health and what classes will benefit to improve energy, regain strength and wellness.
☆Amber – problems with abdominal separation/pelvic floor/core strength and stability – advise recovery course
☆Red – needs referral to women health physio or gynaecologist for ongoing support before embarking on any further fitness regime or recovery programme.

This clinic will run for one Tuesday per month. Spaces will be limited. Cost £5 – Fee redeemable on one of our services if booked within a week of your consultation.
New clients only. Please don’t book if have seen Mama Wellness for fitness already.
A pre-screen will need completing prior to appointment or client will not be assessed.
Baby is welcome too.

Watch our  facebook page for details on release of date and times. or visit out bookings page to book