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Why Women should perform Caesarean Scar Mobilisation and Massage

Once a baby is born, mums are not usually given much help or advice on their scar or what to do after a caesarean. Women do not often think of the long term consequences of having a caesarean birth.

What is not really considered is how to care for the scar and deeper layers beneath. It is so important to give your abdomen some real TLC. There are many issues that can be caused by the scar tissue under and around the incision area of your abdomen.

These include, pain on intercourse, impaired bladder and bowel function and control, poor postural alignment, reduced activation of the pelvic floor, inability to repair abdominal diastasis (separation of the tummy muscles) and a weakened core system.

There are lots of techniques you can learn to get your scar looking good and for your body to feel like it is functioning better.

Mobilisation and massage of the scar are essential for freeing up deeper layers of stuck scar tissue and helping to improve posture, mobility, core stability, reduce pain, improve sex life plus many other benefits!

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